About Us





The mission of Prestbury Parish Council is to work to maintain the unique and beautiful character of our village and its rural setting, to keep the Parish as a thriving and friendly place for residents and visitors alike and to strive to represent  the majority views of those who live here.




We will do our best for the Council, for the community we represent and for the future preservation of our unique and beautiful village.  We will seek to maintain a strong team of Councillors, with a good mix of skills, bringing in extra voluntary and paid help as deemed necessary, and we will ensure we are supported and guided by a professional Clerk and any other staff that it proves necessary to employ. 


We will try to be wise, just and tolerant in dealing with the affairs of our fellow men.




Our aims will be:


  1. 1.     to keep Prestbury as a beautiful village with its own distinctive character surrounded by a Green Belt setting as our residents have strongly indicated they wish us to do


  1. 2.     to keep our parish as safe, attractive and tidy as possible and to encourage commercial enterprises at the centre and a wide variety of clubs and organisations to operate and prosper in order to ensure we maintain Prestbury as an enjoyable and friendly place to live and an appealing place to visit. 


  1. 3.     to keep us moving forward, maintaining what is good and what is traditional while moving on  to meet the changing needs of our village and its people and the external challenges that come to bear


  1. 4.     to use the opportunities of devolvement from the principal authority and the proclaimed national move towards ‘localism’ to take more control of our destiny


  1. 5.     to attempt to meet, with our best endeavours, the needs and expectations of those who live here


  1. 6.     to inform the community of position, progress and plans




We will refer to the following key documents to guide us


The adopted and the unabridged versions of the Village Design Statement

Any other Supplementary Planning Documents

The Parish Plan

Our mission statement and these Principles


Adopted Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct – Guide for members